Sexual Preferences.

A few weeks back, I read a blogpost on this guy, coming out as a bisexual. I was truly impressed because he had the guts to admit it. Not many people do have the guts to admit it though. Though I'm straight, I really respect him. This society is ugly. Because how people view you in this world can be based on your sexual preference. It's kind of stupid when people judge them. Thermally deserve to be. They belong in this world just like anyone else is. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals face more judgement than anyone do. If only people could be more open minded on this subject. Than this society would be a whole lot better. Love is between 2 people. I don't think people should butt into their lives. If their happy together, that's all that matters right? I don't see the reason why they can't be together just because of what people think. That just stupid. #NOH8 #Spreadthelove

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