12 is my lucky number.

I officially declare 12 is my lucky number! Got back N level results today. So freaking happy, i swear. Truth is, i didn't really think i would make it. Judging by the fact that Chinese and combined humanities were my weakest subject. When i got back the results, i was so freaking ecstatic and got 12 POINTS!!! I met the criteria and was able to go sec 5! WHOOOO!!! My combined humans got B3 and Chinese got B4. Damn happy i tell ya. More than half of the class was promoted to sec 5. Thats a good thing. To prepare for O levels next year, I have to really work thrice as hard. No more slacking. Because i really really really wanna go Poly. Even though i feel lazy to study, I need to buck up and study extra hard. Cannot let myself down. -ADD OIL-

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