Tree House Villa @Changi

So i had a family chalet over at Tree House Villa @Changi. I didn't manage to take any pictures and i can only show the view of this chalet. I'm new to blogging, so i need time to get used to taking pictures and stuff.
I'll just let the pictures do the talking.
I stayed at Elok 12

This chalet was a really nice place to stay at.I stayed 2 nights so far, its really nice.
P.S. Sorry if the pictures are too little. Didn't manage to take alot. Ill try harder next time. My vision is kind of blurry. Forgive me if there are any typos.


Sexual Preferences.

A few weeks back, I read a blogpost on this guy, coming out as a bisexual. I was truly impressed because he had the guts to admit it. Not many people do have the guts to admit it though. Though I'm straight, I really respect him. This society is ugly. Because how people view you in this world can be based on your sexual preference. It's kind of stupid when people judge them. Thermally deserve to be. They belong in this world just like anyone else is. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals face more judgement than anyone do. If only people could be more open minded on this subject. Than this society would be a whole lot better. Love is between 2 people. I don't think people should butt into their lives. If their happy together, that's all that matters right? I don't see the reason why they can't be together just because of what people think. That just stupid. #NOH8 #Spreadthelove


You're the apple of my eye.

Watched You're The Apple Of My Eye yesterday with Jodi. First NC16 movie. This show was pretty funny and disgusting at the same time. I give this movie 3/5. Funny.

The Trailer :)

- All the heartbreaks and heartaches.



Well, today is 11.11.11. It happened one in every one thousand years. The next one will be in the year 3011. I guess we're pretty lucky. I bet many Events will happen today. Many couples would do sweet stuff for one another. Well, ill be spending my time working. #sadlife Then I guess today you will ask the girl out. Though I'm feeling abit sad. I'll wish you all the best and hope that you get her. All I can do here is to support you and be there console you. Bestfriend. Unfortunately, I'll be #foreveralone and grow old in a small cottage house on a hillside with a dog. :)


For the first time.

I finally gathered up my courage and confessed how I really felt. I Was really glad that we manage to stay best friends. That's all I really wanted. It Was the first time I did something like this. I really couldn't take it anymore. It hurt and was very stressful. I'm really glad I did it. Hope I won't have any regrets.


A day out.

Met up with a friend that i haven't seen in awhile. Had a really good talk, i haven't rant in so long already. I was glad that i was able to confide in that friend and that friend was able to confide in me too. I feel happy when people confide in me and trust me enough to reveal what they are feeling. I had finally let out all my frustrations, though i still have some bottled up in my heart. I believe it will be let out in due time. That's all it takes. I wouldn't have known what to do without this particular friend. Today was a pretty good day, i hope there would be more days like this in time to come. Though i'm not so positive about it. I think people shouldn't set their hopes to high, they would just crash and burn. I would like thank you, my dear friend. Thank you for being there for me when i needed you and i am glad to be there for you, anytime, anywhere. You name it. Still, today was a pretty good day, and i got loads of stuff off my mind. That's a good thing. I won't feel so stress anymore. I'm pretty much contented with this day.

-I hope what i'm doing is right. I don't want to regret this.


-Insert Title Here- :)

After work, @INSANEDLOVE met me for early dinner then we went walking around. Bought 2 posters. ^^ . We went to this Little cafe called Once Upon A Milkshape located at the new Recreation center in Pasir Ris. Had ice-cream. -contented-
Saw @Friendlyweirdo at ehub!

Cerious maple with Malt - Insanedlove
Sir Cookies and Cream with Choco Chips -Me
Cr: @Insanedlove's Twitter^^

-I guess i dont know what to feel anymore. All i could think of was you, day and night. I might not want to give up, but i'll definitely keep cheering you on along the way.