Universal Studios Singapore!

So, I went to USS today. It was dad's company family day, since brother didn't want to go, i invited Jodi to go with me instead. It cant be treated as a family day as my parents went to enjoy by themselves and me and Jodi went to enjoy by ourselves. It was so much fun. However, this was much smaller than the one i had been to when i was in L.A. I still lots of fun there. We say a few attractions and sat a couple of rides. We went to the slow rides first and than to the more intense rides like the Battlestar Galactica etc. The best ride was that Battlestar Galactica: Cyclon. It speeds, turns 360 degrees and drops you from a great height. It was really awesome. We sat that and Battlestar Galactica: Human, a couple of times before heading for lunch. The spaghetti was really good. After eating, we went for a few shows and walked around abit so that the food would digest and then we could head to ride the roller coasters again. We saw some really good dancers and Sesame street. We were only there to look at Cookie Monster since it was Ben's favourite and beginning to be our favourite too. There was this store that sold all Sesame Street stuff. I wanted to grab all the Cookie Monster merchandise. Hahaha. After that we watched this Monster Musical, it was pretty good. Then we headed over to sit the Cyclon about 2 more times and we went over sit the Jurassic park: Rapid Adventures. We got soaking wet. No wonder so many people were wearing ponchos. Lols. But wear ponchos also not fun already. After that we rushed to sit the Cyclon one more time and headed home. Our feet were aching really badly.



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